We are dedicated to helping people understand their city through on-the-ground, independent journalism.

Our History

Our story is short but profound. Founded in 2020, the Coventry Times aims to reimagine the media landscape in Coventry by prioritising quality above all else and constantly innovating.

We are not associated with the print newspaper that ceased publication in 2015 and shortly took the name the Coventry Times, formerly and more widely known as the Coventry Citizen.

Our Principles

Independence — The Coventry Times puts a considerable amount of work into adhering to impartiality and following the truth wherever it might lead us.

Quality — We hold ourselves to the highest of standards. The pursuit of quality takes different forms, from the words we publish to how our website looks, but in every context, we strive to deliver the best.

Curiosity — Open-mindedness is at the heart of our work. We seek out different perspectives and allow our writers the flexibility to share their own views in opinion writing.

Accuracy and Standards

The Coventry Times follows a voluntary, self-regulatory framework, in pursuit of the highest professional standards, which balances both the rights of the individual and the public’s right to know.

Editors’ Code of Practice, as outlined by the Independent Press Standards Organisation.


Our People

We take pride in our talent, for without them, we would be nothing.

George Finch-Hatton

Louise Aston
Editor, Local News